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Watch "OpenAI Model Generates Python Code" on YouTube

These are the following achievements by the beta users. (Share your experience too)
Harland Duman on Twitter: "Having gpt-3 write some css for me (without even giving it examples first)

Harley Turan
Here's GPT-3 generating React components
based on a _variable name_ alone, using the
@OpenAl API. https://t.co/YHP8gVqMLD

Kevin Lacker on Twitter: "GPT-3 can't quite pass a coding phone screen, but it's getting closer. https://t.co/oDbDC0T0sa

Having it help me set up some scaffolding
for an express app https://twitter.com/harlandduman/status/1282206974126329862?s=20

Harland Duman (@harlandduman) Tweeted:
Goes the other way too (prompt is highlighted)
Really seems to know git well https://twitter.com/harlandduman/status/1282198829136097281?s=20

This is mind blowing. With GPT-3, |
built a layout generator where you just
describe any layout you want, and it
generates the JSX code foryou WHAT https://twitter.com/i/status/1282676454690451457

GPT3 does "Parsing city of origin/
destination city from a string"

Here's a sentence describing what Google's
home page should look and here's GPT-3
generating the code for it nearly perfectly.


I just built a *functioning* React app by
describing what | wanted to GPT-3. I'm still in
awe. https://t.co/UUKSYz2NJO
Mckay Wrigley (@mckaywrigley) Tweeted:
Ever wanted to learn about rockets from Elon Musk?

How to write better from Shakespeare?

Philosophy from Aristotle?

GPT-3 made it possible.

Could anyone feed திருக்குறள் (https://getthirukural.appspot.com/) into @OpenAI's API in both English and Tamil form to summarize each 133 chapters?

Comment if anything interesting missing


Dual boot - Mac and windows

Dharun_MK, [23.07.19 13:11]
Goto https://www.hackintoshzone.com/  and download a distro like Mac os High Sierra.

Insert a pendrive Install transmac on pc and format using right click format for Mac and right click restore image and select the downloaded image file and click ok ok

Dharun_MK, [23.07.19 13:12]
Then change boot mode to uefi in bios

Dharun_MK, [23.07.19 13:12]
Hard-disk to GPT partition

Dharun_MK, [23.07.19 13:12]
And boot from pendrive

Dharun_MK, [23.07.19 13:13]
And call me I tell or see any video of install mac os  after the boot from pendrive